Survival Training Workshops

Let us prepare you for all scenarios with our Safety Workshops for Men, Women and Children. For over 15 years we have trained Corporate Clients and Law Enforcement personnel. We can tailor our sessions to suit your individual security, company or corporate needs.

Force-on-Force Simunition Training

Let our licenced experts put you through rigorous, internationally inspired training drills and routines to better perfect your marksmanship abilities. Non-lethal ammunition and weapon conversion kits are used to deliver the most effective, reality-based training.

Shooting Competitions

This isn't just about hitting a target...Take part in the country's most exciting and competitive stages. We host frequent tournaments that challenge your marksmanship abilities, strategy, agility and fitness!

Responsible Firearms Ownership - Legal Training Sessions

Join our informative, knowledge-sharing sessions on firearms safety, legalities of using firearms in self-defence, conceal-carry and more.

Firearms Training

This covers Shooting Fundamentals, Defensive Pistol Techniques & Advanced Pistol Techniques. Shooting techniques are taught with Instructor-Led guidance. Classroom and live-fire training on the range.

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