Join MH Tactical Response Group

Join MH Tactical Response Group

Opening Times:

(reservations only)
Tuesdays, Thursday, Saturdays & Sundays


Private 4-acre outdoor training facility nestled in the heart of the Chaguaramas peninsula in North-western Trinidad.
RANGES- 6 Outdoor Shooting Ranges with Secure parking


  • Level I – Basic: Shooting Fundamentals
  • Level II – Intermediate: Defensive Pistol Techniques
  • Level III - Advanced Pistol Techniques
  • “Starting Women in Shooting” series
  • Survival Tools and Techniques
  • Personal Protection Workshops
  • Competition Training
  • Certified Instructors
  • Firearm accessories, gear, and clothing available


  • Outdoor Shooting Bays accommodate 8 persons adequately separated
  • Flexible times cater for your busy schedules – Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Saturday from 9.00 am and Sunday (by reservation)
  • One to one and private firearm training readily available
  • Firearm Training for all Proficiency Levels
  • Sport Shooting Training geared to improve your speed and accuracy
  • Special Women only classes - curated for women by women
  • Realistic Survival training to prepare you for a violent confrontation
  • Personal Protection workshops ideal for home and business environment
  • Expert guidance on firearm and accessory selection for concealed carry
  • Delicious food options & refreshing drinks available at our resident café


  • Innovative training from a private company with 80+ years of combined Personal Protection and Weapons’ training history

  • Courses developed by expert trainers with a wide array of international accreditation and real-life crime fighting experience

  • Train regularly in a safe private environment with ample parking

  • Develop your proficiency in private, all levels of shooters are welcome

  • Easy to reserve a bay for private training and events

  • Access special courses designed for beginning women shooters

  • Affordable annual access fees (12-month period)

  • 5% Discount on Firearm Training and Ammunition costs

  • Additional discounts when you bring a guest to train

  • Special discounts on Survival and Personal Protection Sessions

  • Make new friends and develop business networks


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